While a “National HBCU Colors Day” is fine, HBCUs Need Greenbacks ($85 Million, Annually) The Community Stands to Lose if The President Remains Resolute in His Decision Not To Support Extension of HBCU MSI Mandatory Funding

There are just 21 days before HBCUs stand to lose an annual $85 million in mandatory funding. The money funds a program anchored in the sense of the Congress that HBCUs are central to the success of America. The program will end unless Congress votes to extend Title III F of the Higher Education Act before it ends, September 30th. While we appreciate President Trump’s proclaiming September 9, 2019, “National HBCU Colors Day,” the color on which the HBCU Community is especially focused today is green–the $85 million in greenbacks HBCUs stand to lose, annually, if Congress does not extend the mandatory funding for HBCUs. We urge and encourage President Trump to lead the 116th Congress in extending the funds we know as “the lifeblood of HBCUs,” and perhaps the greatest value added to HBCUs, the mandatory Title III F funding.

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The contextual language leading to President Trump’s September 8th proclamation that September 9th shall be “National HBCU Colors Day,” makes the case for the extension of HBCU mandatory funds. It is noted that HBCUs are having a tremendous economic impact on America. Indeed, HBCUs yield among the greatest return on the investment dollar of all cohorts of American colleges and universities. HBCUs play a vitally important role in closing the education, economic, wealth, health, and justice gaps. HBCUs are central to a thriving economy and a thriving America.

With HBCUs and MSIs on the brink of losing access to $255 million dollars to support STEM education, teacher education, and a host of other programs and services that are keeping HBCUs punching above their weight, and graduating disproportionate percentages of African Americans in the growth and high-need disciplines, the only color the HBCU Community prioritizes today is green: the greenbacks the Community urges President Trump to greenlight so that Congress will vote to extend the mandatory funding for HBCUs and MSIs. The HBCU Community urges President Trump to close HBCU Week 2019, by announcing his support for the extension of these funds and, that he will use the power of his office to persuade Congress to extend the funding for Title III F.

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