NAFEO Celebrates the Life, Love, and Legacy of Martha Rivera Chavis

The NAFEO Nation–the 106 HBCUs and in excess of 50 PBIs and their stake holders–celebrates the life, love, and legacy of Martha Rivera Chavis, the dearly departed wife and life partner of Interim Chairman of the NAFEO Board of Directors, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, who also serves as CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association. We lift in affirmation Chairman Chavis and the Chavis siblings. We pray for their peace: peace of mind, heart, and Soul as they walk through this valley. We wish for them Perfect Peace in which their hearts are neither troubled nor fearful nor dismayed. We pray that the Spirit of grace and serenity is upon Dr. Ben and the Chavis family.

I knew “Sister Martha” as the loving life partner of “Dr. Ben,” and the loving and doting mother of the Chavis children. I knew her also as a courageous, strategic, freedom fighter who valiantly helped to shape and lead campaigns for freedom, justice, and human dignity for all persons, in her birth country of the Dominican Republic, on the African Continent, Cuba, and in her adopted country of these United States. I knew her also as “the better half” of “Brother Ben.”

As we pray for and uplift Dr. Ben and the Chavis children, the NAFEO Nation will celebrate the caring, compassion, comfort, courage, and sacrificial service of Sister Martha sometimes in the face of adversity. We honor and hold high the selfless deeds of Mrs. Martha Rivera Chavis, and will embrace and hold close the little threads of Sister Martha she left behind as a beautiful tapestry for those of us whose lives she touched.