NAFEO President Baskerville Heralds Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as a Victory for Education Access & Success, and Justice for All Americans

Loretta Lynch: Photo courtesy of NBC News

The long-delayed vote by the United States Senate to confirm U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General is a pivotal point in the history of this nation. Attorney Lynch will become the first African American woman to hold the coveted position that is critical to the mission of moving America closer to becoming “one Nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all” and ensuring that for every American there will be “Simple Justice.”

The confirmation of U.S. Attorney Lynch comes at a time when leadership from the Attorney General and the Department’s Educational Opportunities Section is essential to ensuring that states that maintain a higher education system with both public historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and historically white colleges and universities (HWCUs) invest in HBCUs such that they are comparable to and competitive with HWCUs relative to their missions. The confirmation of U.S. Attorney Lynch comes also at a time when Department of Justice leadership is vital to ensuring that more black boys and men are on a trajectory from cradle to college to career than are in the cradle to prison pipeline. NAFEO and America’s HBCUs and PBIs have every confidence that U.S. Attorney Lynch will bring to these challenges the same degree of thoughtful, strategic leadership that she has exemplified throughout her professional life.

The task of U.S. Attorney Lynch is made easier by the clear and certain course her predecessor Eric Holder charted for the past six years, as an unfaltering, unapologetic janissary for justice for all Americans. As we congratulate U.S. Attorney Lynch, we applaud and thank Attorney General Holder. We say to him, “Well done thy good and faithful servant!”