2015-2017 Internationalization Lab: Apply Now

Receive customized guidance on your internationalization goals and strategic plans.

The American Council on Education’s (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory is a unique opportunity for institutions to receive personalized guidance as they review their goals and develop strategic plans for the future. ACE is proud to invite colleges and universities to apply to join the 2015-2017 cohort of the ACE Internationalization Laboratory.

Entering its 13th year, ACE’s Internationalization Laboratory has worked with institutions across the country to develop strategic, comprehensive internationalization plans. Click here to see a list of past participants.

As part of the Internationalization Laboratory, participating institutions will also have access to:

  • On-campus site visits by ACE staff, involving a roundtable discussion with the leadership team and key stakeholders to facilitate dialogue, define key questions and issues, clarify goals, and build support for the internationalization process;
  • Three meetings of the entire 2015-2017 Internationalization Laboratory cohort, hosted by ACE in Washington, DC; and
  • Guidance from ACE staff as the campus conducts its review, analyzes findings, and develops its action plan.

Experts from ACE help institutions:

  • Form an internationalization leadership team on campus;
  • Review current internationalization activities to clarify institutional goals; and
  • Develop a strategic action plan based on an analysis of current activities on campus.

Click here to learn more about the review process. For more information, please contact Barbara Hill, Senior Associate for Internationalization, at cige@acenet.edu.